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Offering Tango classes, lessons and performance in Charleston and Mount Pleasant, SC

Dale, known in Buenos Aires as Delia, has been dancing Argentine tango for more than 20 years, and teaching for more than 13. She has developed a reputation as a dynamic Argentine Tango teacher and performer in salon, milonguero, nuevo and performance styles of tango.

Originally a San Francisco resident, Dale received her tango training from the stars of the famous show “Forever Tango” most notably Carlos Gavito and Marcela Duran. Initially a salsa dancer and club style salsa instructor, Dale was drawn to tango for its sensuality and passion, later winning the first prize in the first San Francisco Tango Competition in 1998.

She has traveled to Buenos Aires numerous times to perfect her technique by studying with Gustavo Naveira, Osvaldo Zotto, Oscar Mandagaran, Chicho Frumboli, Geraldine Rojas and Susana Miller among others. In addition, Dale has refined her dancing by studying women’s technique with Graciela Gonzales, Marcela Duran, and Lorena Ermocida. She continues to travel to Bs.As. each year, hosting a trip specifically for tangos dancers who want to experience a fun and exciting trip immersed in tango!

Dale has developed a teaching method that focuses on strong technique, elegance, balance, and creativity. The emphasis she gives to the woman’s elegance and the man’s understanding of the structure creates the fluidity and partner connection that is the essence of Argentine Tango. Dale's versatile repertoire enables her to teach the timeless classic salon tango and the alluring figures of nuevo tango, as well as the dynamics of performance tango.

Dale moved from San Francisco in 2005 and has spent the last 4 years in Southern Connecticut teaching and giving specialized workshops in New England as well as hosting regular milongas. She is also the co-founder of the annual Connecticut Tango Festival. As a new resident of beautiful Charleston, SC, Dale welcomes the opportunity to share this remarkable dance with others.

Dale also teaches Zumba, a dynamic dance fitness class
incorporating Latin American and other international rhythms.
Visit her website for more information: www.ZumbaBeat.com

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